Monday, August 10, 2009

Tahquamenon Falls

Today was an outdoor day...sunny and warm. We walked all along the upper and lower falls and walked a variety of trails. We did have rain but not until we had settled into our hotel room in St. Ignace where we will launch our trip to Mackinaw Island and Mackinaw City over the next couple of days. The scenery was spectacular, which is wonderful because there was NOTHING in site for hours. All we saw were trees. Still have not seen a deer and I love seeing them!
We have been eating breakfast at our hotels, eating lunch out and then eating dinner in our room. Tonight's dinner: yogurt, nacho chips, string cheese, soda, red wine (only for me) and fruit. We are feeling a bit frugal but also enjoying lunches, we had a "special" at the Lower Falls...had a chili hotdog, cole slaw and a root beer float which was the biggest float I have ever seen. Kenz finished hers...I did not.

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