Sunday, August 9, 2009

More UP

This is one view of the Algoma Steel mill on the Canadian side. Huge and odorous...fumes everywhere. I guess the good news employess over 4000 people.

Kenz and I have ended up eating at two interesting places...a diner with Coca Cola memorabilia in Grayling and the Cozy Inn Bar and Grill on the way to the Iroquois Lighthouse. Both have had incredibly wonderful food and the Grill had a juke box which Kenz had never seen before. We played quite a few songs.

Here is the lighthouse....

and I actually climbed to the top. Not so bad til we had to come down. The windy stairs were an open weave metal, so looking down meant looking ALL the way down. I hate heights...very scary but glad we went to the top to look out over the Sault, Lake Superior, Lake Huron and the town.

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