Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday....walking and enjoying

Can you imagine playing soccer next to this incredible fortress wall every Sunday? What is missing is the sea air, the wind, the heat and the sun to get the full picture. Each visit, there is some team or other playing here...and they vary. Some have uniforms like these guys. Other times, it is clearly a pick up game with homemade goals and no nets. No matter who is is deadly serious with men screaming, families cheering their men on and with "coaches" on the sidelines waving their arms and shouting obscenities. It never fails that some mother is telling the guys to remember that there are youth around and today it is the Lord's Day!!

While on my grandma trip with Kenz this summer, she shot photos of us together everywhere. So, to prove I was here near the sea in Cartagena, I took a photo of myself. Pretty damned ugly!!

Not so sure what happened with the photos but there is a door photo that is difficult to get the perspective on. Doors here in the old city are quite unusual. A super coffee table book would be to take photos of them all and compile them. Without exception, including the door to FNPI where I visitied my friend, Jaime Abello this past week, is no more than say five feet high. So one must duck into the doorway or get your head smacked seriously. Sorry these are out of order.

Walked all along the seawall between the old fort above...cannot begin to tell you how special it is to be immersed in the history here. The U.S. is such a young country.

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