Monday, September 6, 2010


...are of various types but a story untold has seduced me and so, here it is! About four months ago, my son indicated he needed/wanted to purchase a gift for our neighbor, his best friend, who is serving in the Marines in Afghanistan. Now, the "kid" wanted money for this purchase but I suggested I go with him and so, we went to Seductions. This is a lingerie and sex toy store on US 41. Alex was a bit upset that I was not only driving him...I intended to enter the store. We parked in back but then, had to walk out onto the main drag which concerned him. What IF someone drove by and saw us?

I was told to hang back and Alex asked the young woman if she had any "fleshlights?" She asked, "why would you come here for a flashlight?" She had NO clue. He very carefully explained what he was looking for and she pointed us back to the wing that held the sex toys! Keep in mind...momma is walking five steps behind him!

We arrived and Alex asked for the device and the sales person pointed but suggested that rather than purchasing the "fleshlight" there were some lower cost models that worked as well or better. He then asked if he could help me? I said, "no, I am with my son." Son puked...and man kinda sure, he is your son, knowing that I was a dirty old lady with some young hunk. Alex said, "MOM!" And the man took a step back realizing, I was the MOM.

We went to check out the devices...they are rubber/plastic vaginas for use by men who don't have access to a woman. Get it...guys in Afghanistan! And so, we were invited to "try" the device, which really made Alex green. We found one we (read that Alex) liked and we went to purchase it. Oops, we needed "lubricant" said the sales man to enhance the experience. Alex turned green and the man gave us a bunch of sample packets to take....we explained this was to be sent to a young military guy based in Afghanistan so he threw them in for free!

We wrapped this gift and mailed it along with the lubes and with some candy to our Bud but the package went missing and so, the story went untold....until now. He is leaving Afghanistan and had his "package" happily in hand.

I was reminded of this story today when Heidi and I, on our way to the Mayo Clinic, passed Climax, a city on our way. Had to chuckle and was reminded anew of how seductive seductions can and should be....and then, my mind turned to our Bud and to the men and women who serve and defend the freedoms and the Constitution which affords us, the often seductive lives we live. I am thankful for all I have and for all who have touched my life.

By the way, neither of us tried the "fleshlight" and we did wonder if the package would get to our Bud without being used. Guess the US postal service and the US government gotter done.

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