Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The trip, as usual, was long and arduous. NO sleep does not a happy woman make. Also, as usual, my suitcase was the last off the plane but the good news is...it arrived and none of the electronic equipment I brought along for the IREX staff was stolen out of my suitcase. Just before we landed an announcement was made that all plastic bags would be taken out of the luggage and anything in a plastic bag would be taken at immigration. So, any duty free purchases better be hand carried or put in the carry on luggage. People were freaking out...folks didn't know that Rwanda has gone plastic free for environmental reasons.

Woke up every two hours last night...just hearing an absence of noises that I am used to and hearing new ones that I, again must become comfortable with. Power issues last night and internet connectivity issues but all eventually resolved nicely. Woke up to roosters crowing and some animal caterwaling about who knows what...maybe mating season or something.

Off to the office shortly and looking forward to re-connecting with the five media teams I worked with earlier. It will be very interesting to see how far they have advanced since last I was here. All should have completed their marketing surveys which we worked on last time.

Oh, and today, I must find some adventures for "Flat Stanley" who has travelled with me to Kigali. I anticipate that he will be adorned soon in African garb and will be playing some African music for the kids in Madison, Alabama who sent him to me.

More soon....oh, and there was a lady sitting behind me from Brussels to Kigali and a man joined her half way through the trip. They babbled on and on but I was smiling as I heard their use of "ehhhhh" a sound that works for "OK, what more?, and, sure and neat." Memories.

I also sat across the aisle from a family consisting of mom, dad and two kids, maybe five and three. I groaned thinking of a ten hour flight with munchkins crying, whining, yattering and these kids were the best behaved children and the most inquisitive. NOT one whine...but many, many questions like, "what is the difference between air and space?" The little boy had asked if we were in space or not. His mom suggested we were in the air. Which led to his very intelligent question about the difference...she stuttered, groaned and daddy answered quite sweetly.

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