Sunday, September 26, 2010


I forgot to mention in the blog below that Eddie and I went to a coffee shop near the book store yesterday. It appeared upscale and one could order coffee or tea in tall or grande sizes like at StarBucks. I tried an African tea...they grow tea here but Eddie had mentioned that the tea was made with milk and fresh ginger, a spice I enjoy and cook with a lot. So, a big ole pot appeared, not a cup and it was soooo flavorful. Later, at the health club, where they offer free juices, I tried tree tomato juice. It is a small fruit and the juice was a tad tart so Eddie suggested I have the lady pouring add a bit of pineapple juice. Yummy. Eddie had watermelon juice. A nice treat after exercising.

Morning here and didn't sleep too well. We were at dinner at a friend's home and when I got back to Eddie's house, I found that I had somehow lost her house and gate keys. I cannot leave without locking the house, and the gate to get out of the compound must be opened or closed with the key. The gate is a huge metal affair that opens with a clicker OR a gate key. Lost mine. So, going to the health club with Eddie...praying I locate the one I lost. She isn't sure and I have no clue how we can make/obtain another set. Arghhhhh...been ages since I lost a key. Oh, and I left my camera at Ginny's. She is the woman who put her own car carrier on top of her SUV and she had spent this past weekend canning and putting up spaghetti sauce.

Do scroll down to see yesterday's photos.

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