Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Mayo Clinic

The Plummer Building here was part of the original Mayo Clinic and is gorgeous...has a huge library, carrillon and incredible architecture. Going to go on a tour tomorrow, if I can.

And throughout the Mayo buildings are incredibly wonderful art exhibits. This hand blown glass arrangement is about 200 ft. above the subway level in the Mayo Building. One walks around scanning up, down, and around to see art from Morrocco, Egypt, South America....modern, contemporary, and art from the White House.
This unusual duck was sitting in the cafeteria and no clue what its significance was/is.

Heidi preparing for her first test of the day. We began at 6 a.m. and finished at 4 p.m. Because it was required, Heidi could only sleep four hours last night...we were both exhausted beyond belief but Heidi underwent hours of pushing, prodding, electrical stimulation and painful nerve stimulation. She held up well and we are both counting down til bedtime. Hoping and praying for results tomorrow.
Had a super conversation with Yvonne, a staff person at the Mayo Clinic/Gonda Building and she gave me a ton of information regarding the quality of staff, how they recruit, set expectations, and more. An example...a mother had to leave her daughter outside in the waiting room while her father parked the car. McKenna, the girl, sat with Heidi and me and the mom, Laura, went in for her testing. About 20 minutes later, with McKenna still with us, the doctor came out to check to see how McKenna was doing. Think about this...even if the mom asked a doctor to go check on her kid in the US, would he? The compassion shown in every way, every day, at every level here is amazing and awesome to see.
We get to sleep in tomorrow and I am hoping we can go see one or two things before our results meeting with the neurologists in the afternoon and then, we will see what is next on the agenda. Going to see my cousin, Lance and his wife this weekend for a side trip and to spend some time with family. Been ages and we should be able to see some new scenery. Right now...we have been limited to hospitals and the hotel. Oh, we did get Chinese take out last night and ate those leftovers for dinner tonight. We had NO energy to look for or make anything else.

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