Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Laughing more....

The TomTom called me "ass wipe" today. Heidi was telling Kristin that I laugh when this voice says ugly things to me but if she called me those names, I would blow up. And speaking of blowing...my daughter pointed out yesterday that folks in the hallway could hear me blowing my nose when I was on the toilet. They literally stopped, thinking I had farted. Today, while taking a break, I again blew my nose. I didn't realize that I do this EVERY time I go to the bathroom. What DOES that say about me? Leaking at both ends??

We had a ball on the toll road in Illinois. The signage before the toll booths had the amounts duct taped over. At one point, the sign just before the booth said .60 so Heidi dug that out of the "wad" of coins I gave her. Before we went 100 feet, the rate had increased to .80 and then, in a blink, a $1.00 Toll scamming in Illinois!! I mention "wad" because apparently one might have a wad of dollar bills but it is not remotely possible to have a wad of coins...Heidi says so.

You may have seen the numerous news programs investigating and reporting on hotel bed bug infestations. We had a super good laugh when Heidi hopped in bed yesterday for her afternoon nap and as she laid down, I asked if she had checked yet for bed bugs? She hopped up and we both checked it out...did the same today when we got to Rochester.

And we have enjoyed signage along the way...what does "engine braking prohibited" mean? Another proclaimed "vehicle noise ordinaces enforced." OK...is this to outlaw Harleys or something? If a car backfires, can I be ticketed? And while I have heard of the Wisconsin Dells and want to see this at some point...exactly what is a "dell?" We have words to look up. Another oddity here in Minnesota is the signage announcing the county road number on the highway. So, going W on 90 and below us is County Road 7. Why do I want to know that because there is NO way to get down to it. No exit, no path, no lane. Of what use is it to the person above on the overpass?

The wind gusts today are up to 50mph. As we packed our car this morning, I dropped the room key. No problem, we would pick it up when we went back. The key card blew in one direction and the card holder in another....people watching must have died laughing. Heidi is gimping along and my leg is killing me and we are both trying to catch these pieces of nothing.

Did I mention that Heidi's favorite show these days is Bachelor Pad? This inane show was on for two hours last night and the ludicrous conversations and strategic leveraging of relationships was definitely interesting if you happened to be a Martian trying to figure out human interactions. For real folks...the ultimate in mind numbing.

We have arrived at our hotel and it is quite nice...large sitting area, quiet bedroom with a door blocking the sleep area from the living/kitchen area. We have a full sized fridge, toaster, coffee pot, microwave and the kitchen is stocked with real dishes, glasses and silverware. I had packed paper and plastic but all we need is dish soap and we are good. I brought laundry soap but had no idea we would have the real thing here. Breakfast is included and a full hot meal so we will make sandwiches and quick dinners and lunches. The Mayo Shuttle pulled up as we parked and we can take that in and back every day...saves us a $12 per day parking fee. Heidi is sleeping now....shush!

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