Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Smiling and laughing...because I can

Today while driving to the one bank that actually has a working ATM machine, my driver and I passed a Rwandan mom with her youngster wrapped tightly on her back. The norm here. What isn't normal is for the kid to wave his arms about madly behind her and this was especially interesting because the woman had a table, propped top down on her head with the four legs facing the heavens. This table, being carried neatly on her head, with swinging child behind, had to have been three feet by five feet. This woman gracefully made her way down the street and I with NO camera. Eddie has lent me hers for the next few days and I will purchase another when I get stateside.

Another friend asked that I post a comment on my Facebook page indicating where, "I do it." Now, I put that "I do it on the kitchen counter." However, this is something that has to do with breast cancer awareness and the women in the know, know what is going on. My 20 year old son has sent me at least three Facebook messages and four or five email regarding "how uncomfortable" he is with my sexual statement. Tried to explain but I will be a better mother and make sure he/they have NO indication that someone my age might actually think periodically about sex. Forget doing it...just thinking about it makes him crawl.

And then, last night, I went out with a fun group of people, some Rwandan, some my age and some younger to a Quiz Night. This was incredibly fun and we debated questions on into the day today. One question: who created the parachute? Another: Who assassinated Archduke Ferdinand? And just how many continents are there? The Anglophones thought 7 and the Francophones, five. Proof arrived in my inbox early this morning from one of my colleagues. A fun evening with a group of people who were opinionated, experienced and resourceful. Had a great eggplan parmigiana with a couple glasses of wine and about four hours of laughing and learning.

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