Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Laughing while travelling....

Heidi and I are on the road again today and will reach Rochester tonight. Right this moment she announced she needed a "movement," hopped right up and took her computer with her into the bathroom. Is that like talking to someone on your cell while using the toilet? Hmmm?? I have done the cell in the bathroom but I have not taken my computer with me. My men read in the bathroom and I guess the computer is similar.

Driving through Chicago on a holiday was not pretty...way too much traffic for me these days and Heidi reminded me of how much I loved driving the Long Island Expressway every day into Manhattan from Wantaugh where we lived...I must have been nuts. NO, just young. We had several close calls with people driving like nutsos, passing and almost shearing off the right or left front bumper. I was pretty tense and had to shake out my hands and arms...which was funny, because Heidi does that also. Quite a pair.

This trip will be a tough one for us...lots of together time and we are independent women. But it is also a time to enjoy each other and see things through each other's eyes. People watching, we both love. This morning, there was a very obese man sitting at the table next to us at the hotel, as we ate. This guy had on a wife beater undershirt, suspenders holding up his holey sweat pants and he drank his cereal. Now, we saw more of someone's body, fat body than anyone not related to or sleeping with him should see. NOT pretty. The woman with him was dressed normally....you'd think she could assist him with his clothing choices. Oh, that doesn't even work for me and mine.

We have had several run ins with the southern voice on our TomTom. He called me a "butt munch" for missing my turn. Folks in Chicago seem to know where they are going and signage is clearly mounted for those knowing the ins and outs of the city. For outsiders, it would seem that the DOT people could give a hint...like get in the left lane cuz the road is going to drop off...right here! Only missed one turn and then, to be called "butt munch" by the machine just made me cry laughing!

The adventure continues.....

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