Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home from the Mayo Clinic

Hmmm...these three tiny photos came to me from Heidi's cell phone and are very difficult to see. The first is looking down into a park area at the Mayo Clinic...8 floors down. The small silver item is a medal from Lourdes, France given to Heidi by Kristin's mother in law, Betty to guard over and protect Heidi. Lourdes, we Catholics believe is the site of many a miracle. Very special, and again, an indication that many many people have supported and cared for and about my "little girl."

Kenz, my 15 year old talented grandaughter, who is incredibly thoughtful and caring, made her mother a book which we placed on the end table in our hotel room so we could see photos of family and read and re-read Kenz's thoughts, and prayers for her mother.

I am sure I knew that the Mississippi went as far north as LaCrosse, Wisconsin, but very funny to pass over it. I think Mississippi and the south. Heidi was the photographer and she takes even worse photos than I! I know. Hard to believe. She was taking them through the that is our excuse.

A land formation near the Wisconsin Dells, which I am now going to go visit one day. Lots of nature trails, campgrounds and hiking areas topped off by a million indoor water parks for kid/family enjoyment.

Another view of the Mississippi from the car. Gorgeous scenery. Oh, we found out that the big corn we took a photo of the other day in Rochester is a water tower, connected to the Seneca canning factory, where the Libby brand vegetables are canned.

We enjoyed/tolerated the tollway collection processes alot. Coming home we encountered a tiny Asian man staffing a booth who said, "How are you sweetie?" I responded, "super." And his comment? "Then be!" Very funny. This was followed quite quickly with a booth, not staffed by anyone with no amount owed posted before it. I was in the cash lane, expecting the normal toll attendant. NOT. So, I was confronted with a machine which did not want to eat my money but THAT wasn't the worst problem...I was too far away, had to open the door, hang out of the car and cajole the machine. Heidi was laughing her ass off.
Heidi learned quite a bit about her mother during this trip. She determined I blow my nose every time I use the bathroom; I have "semi-truck anxiety" which is obvious when I am sandwiched in between two huge semis going 75+ miles per hour. This can and is made worse when this occurs driving over very large high bridges as we encountered going over the Mississippi River. I don't like the sandwich deal and really, really dislike heights and bridges. Again...laughing her ass off at me.
Those of you who know me well tend to agree that I am a bit finicky about the English language and how it is used. I did teach English! Anyway, every now and again I would use a word, like "oniony" and Heidi would ask, "Is that a word?" Again, laughing her ass off at me. Just not fair.

Chris just told us that several people called to assure him and Heidi that they care about her because I had mentioned in my blog that "no one had called." This comment was NOT in reference to Heidi's or our experiences. I was referring to a woman we met with a large family and friend network and she was bemoaning the lack of caring and that no one was checking on her or calling her. That has NOT been our experience. Our whole family network, including neighbors, and friends of our kids' and grandkids', former co-workers, my former staff and more have been so involved, so concerned and so supportive of Heidi's journey. We are very thankful that this other woman's experience has NOT been our experience and I felt badly for her. If I was not clear on this point before, I apologize. We are blessed and we know that.

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