Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Global Village

I mentioned the other day that the US Embassy sponsored the young men who have an art studio and who launched their air magazine. We went on Saturday to see the studio and possibly purchase some art...Eddie already has several pieces created by these young, 21+ year old men. This mural was painted just outside the studio.
We had directions but we were a bit unclear where to go...and our first effort took us down this road, which is dirt, as you can see, but only about 1/4 off a main paved road. This little munchkin was in the road all by herself with not an adult or responsible person near by. After she got across the road, we passed by her very slowly and saw her run back out behind us again.
At the art studio, we saw some young Rwandan kids practicing their dance routines outside. Boys were drumming, the young man in the blue shirt was dancing with his wooden spear and shield and there were a row of young kids sitting near by chanting a son. The young men who are owners of Ivuka Arts are also artists and sponsor groups like this to encourage young creative children to participate in the arts. Very impressive art and young men.

There is a row of shops called Koplaki and we were shopping in them. Eddie took my photo with this owner/artisan who had, as you can see all types of goods to sell. Negotiating is important. Nothing is sold at the price offered. Eddie found a wonderful, old fetish, which she would have bought, but the owner said $250. and how do you come down from that?
Travelling here is way easier than in Honduras. We pulled up behind this group and just had to show you how group travel, Rwandan style is often handled. There were at least 20 young men in the back of this Toyota pick up. Sadly, we couldn't pass to get a front shot but had to love it.
Today was a special day of relaxation. Eddie goes to the Serena Hotel's gym/spa to exercise and today, I went with her. Wasn't sure how one could spend three or four hours at a gym...but I have it now!! We exercised, did some weights, went to the wet sauna, dry sauna (with a cold shower in between each event), into the hot tub and back to do it all over again. Very very restful. And for me, only $20 for the whole time. We went outside near the pool and ate lunch and then, hit one of the shops to see if there was anything we couldn't live without. I bought a Christmas gift or two and Eddie bought a gorgeous "cow horn" bracelet. A perfect day and we will top it off with dinner at one of Eddie's friend's home tonight.

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