Sunday, September 19, 2010

Leaving for Rwanda and other tidbits

I know I tell you all often that I am truly blessed in many many ways. My neighbors in Florida are sending our mail to Heidi's house, here in Michigan every few weeks. Today, I opened my mail and inside was this little paper fellow named, Flat Stanley. Apparently there is a children's book by that name, and I was chosen (I have no clue how) to have Stanley experience my life and travels. Since leaving his mail box, he made Oreo Cookies with me and my grandkids and this young man above is my oldest grandson, Logan who had Stanley near a fountain at Taboon, a Lebanese restaurant here in Flint.

The young lady on the left is Kenz, my grandaughter and a best friend, Jenna. They shared their dinners with Stanley and do note Kenz' World Cup t-shirt. She is getting a new one that isn't a knock off and which came directly from S. Africa and the games. Will get those when I get to Rwanda.
Here are Kenz, Jenna and one of our youngest grandkids, Chase as we made the cookies which are from a neighbor's recipe given to me last week in Caseville.
I spent a lot of the day driving here and there and as I came home this evening, I realized I had left my driver's license in my purse in the closet in Caseville. I wasn't going to need it in Rwanda so left it home, forgetting that I am driving to and from the airport in Detroit. Oh well.....
Getting ready for this trip has been a bit frenetic. My clothes are all in Florida so all I have are the ones I wore in Ethiopia. Weather, climate, roads and working conditions are all different. Should be a hoot. I do have two pair of new closed toe shoes to take and an umbrella....what more could one want?
My friend, Lois, brought me a good book to read while gone and picked up a bag of ones she had loaned me earlier. The day was full so she met us at the restaurant and did a drive by, drop visit but good to see her even for a moment.
Our home addition has stalled and I have been a nag...nothing was done this whole past week and we don't have our new heater in the house and it dipped down into the high 30's at night and was cold and rainy. No heat in a cold house is not good...and our wood was all wet so Richard didn't want to crank up the wood burner.
Find me here again more regularly....been watching the beans grow, pumpkins ripen and the leaves change. Fall is here.

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