Monday, August 30, 2010

Hitting the road....

Now, "hitting the road" has some happy connotations for me but this past weekend, when I decided to really get up and take a long awaited power walk, my face hit the road when my foot got caught in a hole. I was moving well and fast...and was smiling and thinking, and not about the cruddy Michigan road. In any event, I was most fortunate that a couple was out walking with their grandaughter and saw me go down and asked if I was OK or not. NOT. So they dialed 911 and a Caseville baby cop came to check me out...first question? What was the date? HA, I don't work and one day is the same as another...asked if Saturday would be OK? I think I got a minus two points but made that up by knowing the president, the month and where I live, although, sitting in Caseville and telling him N. Ft. Myers made him squint.

He decided I needed transport to the hospital so took a nice ride. My neighbors weren't home, but Bob and Trish's 18 year old grandaughter heard the message and retrieved my purse from the house and followed the ambulance and brought me home.

My major observation is that padding, fat padding on one's frame, does not make one bounce nor does it save one from serious damage. Whodathunk that someone my size would land on their face, not the boobs or tummy? Kid cop couldn't believe my stomach and chest weren't totally ripped...and I don't mean that in a powerful set of abs kinda way!!

The next observation is that one cannot eat with a lip the size of a chimp's lips. No coffee yesterday but I decided I could use a straw this morning. Cathy, next door, asked me if I was drooling when I was talking with her and I said...yup! This morning, I woke up with both lips sealed tightly wound. Arghhh....and so, I am feeling empathy with Heidi. She has been very reluctant to go out in public with her tremoring because people would think she is handicapped or something.

I am sticking to the house....I keep thinking someone will look at my face and feel sorry for me. I might be a victim of spousal abuse. Never knew anyone in that situation but I can tell you that IF something like that had happened to me and I had to go through this, it would be a one time situation. This is soooo uncomfortable and I sound like I have a serious speech impediment. Swollen lips mean difficulty in pronunciation. Richard came out of the wilds and came home last night to help with dogs and with me. We are quite the pair...I can't talk and he can't hear, but he is trying to understand me. Life, gotta live it and enjoy it.

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