Monday, August 16, 2010


The summer has been interesting to say the least. The house addition is coming along quite well but a tad more slowly than I would like.

Check out this Davison, Mi playscape. I took Chase there one afternoon while Heidi was sleeping and he had the best time...where were these when we were kids?

Alex's going away party was a super fun time...a time to touch base with old and new friends. Bev, the lady to my right was Alex's second mom and is mother to one of Alex's best and longest friends, Steve. That is our young man next to Bev and beside Hilda McShane. Her son, Francis used to babysit for Alex and both of these women were members of St. Pius when we were there. Hilda also worked in the marketing department with me at The Flint Journal. Hadn't seen these ladies in quite awhile and so happy they could come to say "adios" to Alex.

For better or worse, this is my family. Chris, Heidi's husband; Pat, Kristin's husband and Richard, my husband are in the top row. Alex is sitting next to Heidi and Addison, Kristin and Pat's oldest is in the green t-shirt. I am the grey haired old lady sitting next to Kristin who is holding her youngest, Layne and Owen, her son is in the blue t-shirt. Chase, Kenz and Logan weren't home so we are missing Heidi and Chris' kids.

Now, Alex's party was not alcohol free but it was great fun to watch the group play "beer pong" with water! Steve is assisting Pat, my son-in-law with a "keg stand." I must mention that I had not ever seen beer pong played and had NO clue what a keg stand was. Lennie is in the pale blue and Brendan, another young man who went to St. Pius with Alex and Steve is in the black tennies and has white/blond hair.


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