Sunday, August 1, 2010


I have been horrid at keeping up with my blog, mostly because I just haven't been wandering. Musing, yes; wandering, no. Except, of course, the numerous trips between Caseville and Davison. We have had an eventful summer despite no travels. Kids have all been up to the cottage; Heidi appears to be strengthening but has continued to have seizures; Alex had emergency surgery for an almost ruptured appendix and I just learned today that Addison, our grandaughter broke her collarbone. What more can/will go awry?

We have had some very special moments though...taking the kids to Grindstone City for the largest ice cream cones in the US; visits from everyone, including my youngest sister, Sheryl and her family who live in Atlanta; driving with my 15 year old grandaughter around the countryside; Richard's teaching Logan and Kenz how to play "Widow Whist" and listening to them kvetch at each other and more.

Our neighbors up here have been wonderful and we are eating the best fresh veggies grown in our garden but also in Trish's. She and Bob live across the street and this woman has a garden to rival that which my father used to plant each season. We have had fresh lettuce, zucchini, corn, squash and green beans and now our garden is producing beans.

Alex has been given permission to go to Alaska where he should be going to college, working and living on his own. He leaves next Monday and we all are looking forward to his starting his new life. I am missing him already.

Work has been interrupted a bit with all the goings on and with the building of the addition onto our home up here in Michigan. I was to have gone to Colombia on the 23rd but no communication occuring yet on that but will return to Rwanda and then, possibly go to work in Yemen which would be very interesting to be back in a Muslim country. Will be interesting to see how like or unlike Yemen is to Iraq.

More coming....haven't been carrying my camera around much but I do have a few photos to upload and will get to it soon...promise!

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