Sunday, July 4, 2010

Scatalogical happenings.....

Been a while since I wrote...much going on and no time to write from my garage office these days. The extension on the house is going well and the 4th got in the way of much EXCEPT one interesting phenomenon...Heidi IS my daughter and I know that because simultaneously, she was in one bathroom doing the most disgusting cow flap ever. This particular leaving would NOT flush, would not move off of the porcelain toilet for love nor money. This mother had to MOVE it carefully to get it going where it shoulda gone...but the most intriguing happening is that while she was dumping upstairs, I was permanently plugging up the toilet downstairs. After much plunging, we got a snake from the neighbor.

Richard applied the snake and dislodged my leavings BUT he scraped up the toilet badly. I think we will need a new one. This experience eliminated any useful toilet in our home with six people present and presumably needing a toilet at some point. Got them working. Got the bathrooms smelling presentable and what do I do? The next morning, I repeated the process, and replugged the toilet downstairs. NOT GOOD but mighty funny and our builder, who could hear all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth was dying laughing outside. Of course, he didn't offer to help but we did laugh our butts off.

And then, I have taken a photo of Heidi's dropping and it resembles very closely food that I ate in Ethiopia. The food was very tasty and did NOT have the odious order left for one and all.

And then, we had wonderfully late fireworks here at the cottage. We ended up being able to sit in our front yard and enjoy them with glasses of wine in hand. Perfect weekend. And today, we drove to Grindstone City for ice cream. Got to the tiny store in the middle of nowhere and there must have been 60-70 people ahead of us. We ordered singles in waffle cones...a single is actually three scoops of ice cream. We died and went to heaven.

Hotter than Hades here now. Wishing for air conditioning and we had just decided to get a new furnace, wait on central air and add new decking. May have to change that decision quickly.

More another day. Will upload pictures tomorrow.

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