Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tajikistan....here I come!

I leave in a day and a half for this country. Am packing, wrapping Christmas gifts and baking. Lots to do to get ready. My big worry is that it will be very cold there and it has been years since I needed "big girl" clothing for cold weather!!

Looking forward to this new culture and just received an email from a friend of a friend who works in Dushanbe. So, will get to network. My visa has to be extended so also working on that and just reconnected with an old friend, Tom Bunch, from CSCMA, a circulation organization I used to be an officer in when I worked in Flint. My project will be circulation related in Tajikistan so looking for materials for myself and for Michelle who will be again going to Hong Kong to work with the South China Morning Post.

Look here for photos and updates as I wander just north of Afghanistan and near SW China.

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