Friday, December 11, 2009

Hirot, Tajikistan

At the Bazaar I found this small meat shop. Now this is cold weather but imagine this in an open air market with the wind and dirt blowing. Everyone buys their meat this way.

When I entered the Bazaar, we quickly saw the newspaper sales Babushkas and one old lady waved at me...I had talked with her yesterday and she was the one I took wearing a Babushka and inserting on the floor. She remembered me, which isn't hard. There are NO grey haired people here. She introduced me to her friend and my translator thought it very funny that I had made a friend so quickly.

I took the short trip out to a small town, Hirot, about 30 minutes outside of Dushanbe so I could see what towns look like and where we might consider placing sales outlets for the newspapers. I ended up getting out of the car so I could walk the streets, which were packed with men who had just gotten out of their prayers at the Mosque.

I entered the Bazaar which you see here...filled with all kinds of piles of edibles. To the far left are huge bowls of nuts of every kind, cookies, candies and more. I had been to Bazaars before but never one as comprehensive as this and with such an assortment of goods. I bought some almonds covered in a sugar coating which are delicious and which I will take home for Christmas.

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