Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tajikistan, Tuesday

So, I logged on to blogspot after work and all of my templates and the blog and changed to Russian. That was a tad upsetting because I couldn't even figure out which button led to changing the language. I asked the reception man for assistance after dinner. Got back, logged on and I am back to English.

This photo is of Rudaki, the poet I mentioned yesterday. He is quite famous and the plaza named after him is quite gorgeous.
Drew and I went out to a Turkish fast food restaurant which wasn't fast food but both of us ate a salad and main dish, with bread and water for $10.00. Amazing.

Today was interesting...I have started interviewing research companies and we met an angry aggressive woman who I was told was very much into the old Soviet style of doing business. Made me look like a shrinking violet.

The good news is we walked to dinner and then we had a meeting at a local coffee shop this morning which we walked to. So, feeling like I am getting around a bit after 8 hours of meetings. I am getting back to the room quite pooped. Still haven't eaten Tajik food but we have plans to hit a restaurant soon.

I am enjoying the mix of cultures here. It is fun to watch what is often called the "Uzbek hooker" dress style; next to very western wear of jeans, sweater and scarf; next to the long velvet dresses and tops which are incredibly colorful, don't match and are worn by women with their hair covered. It is the mix, side by side that I enjoy so much.

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