Thursday, December 3, 2009


Funny, for days it is, "I am going" and then comes the angst ridden, "I am leaving" and sinking feeling of saying "goodbye" to all my friends and family. I am always torn....looking ahead and then looking back. What is new and what is old and the feelings tied to each side of the coin.

Part of the travelling fun is listening to folks who have to Google where I am going and hearing what they see and learn from paper and web. Hoping I can add some flavor to everyone's vicarious international travel. Photos and details will be forthcoming. This is a two day will be incommunicado. Last night on some travel channel program, there was a segment on Riga, Lativia where I will stay for six hours. Am thinking I may just try to leave the airport and go see something if anything will be open. Lots of castle like buildings, palaces and museums apparently. Who woulda thought that????

Love to all of you.

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