Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Tajikistan

Forgot to mention my trip to Hissar yesterday...I spelled the town incorrectly, first of all. And secondly, Uzbekistan has cut off all power and electricity to this country so folks are going without any power for days on end and the winter has not turned really ugly yet but it is cold and wet. The government has a power plant about 50% completed but haven't finished it. Nothing like going to an office which is totally without heat and lights. Been experiencing that.

Uzbek wine is pretty darned good. And Richard would be happy to know you can get it for $4 per bottle here. Whodathunk it that old Russian countries make wine??

I am reading Cautiva, a book written by Clara Rojas, a Colombian woman held as a FARC prisoner in Colombia along with Ingrid Betancourt. Reading it in Spanish and trying to stay somewhat on top of that language in my spare time.

Dying to eat some of these pastries I see in all the coffee shops. So far, I have resisted. Very few places have brewed coffee...they use Nescafe. YUK. Tea is the preferred drink here and I must admit, I have had some yummy chai tea.

China is close by so much of the stuff on sale here came from China. We discussed buying some racks for the selling of newspapers and they would be bought and shipped from Shanghai, not Moscow. Interesting.

The cleaning crew here at the hotel scrub the rug runners and room rugs each day with a scrub brush on their hands and knees. I got back early from shopping today and the woman was cleaning my floor with a toothbrush. Took her an clue when she started but an hour after I sat down, she was done.


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