Friday, December 4, 2009


So, blogspot knows I am in a Balkan state...all of my instructions have changed to, I assume, Latvian. Who knows. Hoping this shows up normally for all of you. I am sitting in a wheel chair, next to a baggage window at the Riga airport. Seems there are no electrical outlets for computer hook ups. The airport is old and until an hour ago was completely empty. About 40 windows for ticket takers but only two women working. NO people in this place. I tried to rest on a bench but was so cold, I had to get up and walk laps. One old guy just laughed at me. I had my gloves, hat and scarf on along with my sweater and coat.

It was completely dark here in Riga at 3 p.m. I asked a guy about going out in a cab to see the city because of my long layover. He said it wouldn't be safe with my briefcase and didn't. Within the hour, I understood his lights around and pitch black in the mid-afternoon.

On my flight from Frankfurt to Riga, there were about 80% men on the flight. What was very weird is that my row and the two in front of me and behind me were filled with Spanish speaking men who had Latvian cheat sheets with Spanish translations. I got to speak Spanish and had a good time. NO sleep. Never doing this again....I should have gone and found a hotel and slept for six hours and paid for a day. Who cares.

On Lufthansa, we had lunch. Ham and cheese half sandwich with German cardboard bread and their baked goods are soooo yummy. Not sure what happened but pretty awful. Had a moment's temptation for a glass of wine, but nothing worse than exhaustion and alcohol. Passed.

My friend, Norberto and his wife, Sonia from Tegucigalpa just welcomed the birth of their new son, Lorenzo. Lorenzo was born here in the US and Norberto's mom won the election for VP of the country along with President Pepe Lobo.

And Kristin called to let me know that her baby is going to be born this coming Saturday and I won't be home for the birth after all. They will be fine and cannot wait to get home to see them all.

Took a picture of a newspaper rack...very unusual. When I get to Dushanbe, I will upload a few photos.

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