Saturday, December 5, 2009


I am doing tiny segments to try to avoid issues....blogspot is not working well here. My understanding from talks yesterday is that this country is in chaos in every sense of the way. They just got over a civil war, which I don't think I ever heard of but which was full of strife. There have been small bombings here of the sort to disrupt not to kill.

Several indicated this country was in better shape during the Soviet era. Better schools, economy, more open, cosmopolitan, better roads, better economy. Each person I met yesterday indicated that their best and brightest have left the country, which is an issue for the media. Consumers of media, especially hard news are the better educated and connected. Those still here, apparently have plans to leave.

For example, today, Tajik is the international and local language mandated by the government. There is no Tajik dictionary and few Tajik books or newspapers. Teachers weren't trained in Tajik so the teaching of it is pretty poor, or so I hear. Government documents take many people to write and review because of the language issue.

Most all of the leaves are off the trees and it is very chilly here. They had their first snow last Friday. I love how the trees lean in and cover the street.

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