Sunday, December 13, 2009


This lady sold me some Tajik goods yesterday at the indoor market. The bag on the counter was mine and into that bag, I placed my camera to keep it dry. Horrid rain yesterday. And then, I forgot I put the damn camera in the bag and thought I lost it and was very, very upset. You see, the camera is just a thing but what was special is that this woman got out her abacus to "ring up" my sales. She quickly calculated what I owed and though I have seen an abacus before, I had never seen one used.
Today, Drew and I walked into town for lunch and then we walked over to the green market where all the fresh fruits, veggies and nuts are sold. Way cool. Of course, we were going to lunch so I didn't take the camera and am hoping to go back tomorrow. And tonight, I went out with a guy from the Asian Development Bank and a man who is working with the World Health Organization. We went to a Mexican, Italian, Ecuadorian restaurant...the menu was very, very unusual and it had everything from hummus and chips. to Arroz con pollo and burritos. Very tasty food but a tad different.
In contrast to yesterday, the weather was a bit warmer and sunny all day. Glorious. Worked some on my report with Drew...waiting on a revise from him so I can continue writing. Early morning meetings and not sure what all is on the agenda.
Richard and Alex and the doggies are on their way to Atlanta and then tomorrow on to Michigan so we can all be together for Christmas. Cannot wait.

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