Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Heard today that there is a Hash Harrier group in Dushanbe like there was in Tegucigalpa. So, I will try to connect with this group and go for a walk/hike and see what I can see. While packing, I realized the last time I had seen some of my clothing was when I was in Bogota. Chilly there and today, the weather is around 35 for a high and below zero at night. Going to be cold. Even found a pair of jeans with long legs that fit. Most of my pants are capris these days. Had some good memories though as I pulled out a number of black outfits to pack.

Half way through today, Richard asked about his list for Michigan. So, I started one for him so he would know what to take, pack and prepare. Just what I need...planning for him also. Heard from Drew and I am feeling a bit more prepared with what may happen at the airport and if it doesn't, what the fall back plan should be. When going to a new country, I find I am a bit nervous to see what it will be. Once having gone through the process, I am very comfortable.

Heard from Uganda today and am talking with them in early January about another visit and should be going back to Cartagena, I hope, in February. Miss folks in Cartagena a lot. Really wish I could move there but sooooo far from family and friends. NOT possible...if only I had my life to redo. Wonder what parts of it I would change.

I will be outta touch for about two days but you can catch me here or on Facebook or both.

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