Sunday, November 22, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving...but I am giving thanks every day

I announced that I would be working in Tajikistan in December and my talented friend, Ed McGraw sent this guy to demonstrate exactly how I will create a co-op distribution system for the Tajik media companies! It would appear that I will need a fleet of these guys to get the job done.
I am looking forward to visiting this part of the world but the timing is very, very poor. Today and yesterday were spent baking bread to take to Atlanta for Thanksgiving with Richard's mom, sister and brothers who are flying in for a family visit. Mom is now 93 and Annie and I will cook for our men folk who, most likely, will be watching football.
So, I get home from Atlanta and leave for two weeks of work on the other side of the world and then am left off at midnight at the Detroit airport and then I begin Christmas. We are looking forward to the birth and baptism of our sixth grandchild and lots of laughs with the kids. Just hoping that everything gets to Michigan with Richard and Alex and that I also make it back on time. Kristin was told to keep her legs closed tightly!!
Somehow, I have to get spiced nuts made and distributed to family and friends before I leave Florida after Thanksgiving. Friends in the neighborhood and at The News-Press have delivered last year's containers to be refilled this year and have sent notes reminding me of my holiday responsibilities. Much to do and little time to get it done it!!

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