Monday, November 2, 2009

November...and the beginning of winter.

Fall has arrived here in Ft. Myers....hotter than hell although we hear that the rest of the country is experiencing the advent of winter. I woke up to this sight this morning...well, I looked out at 7 a.m. and saw this. The dogs had been out earlier, daylight occured and here we are. A flock of birds, pecking and clacking away in our front yard.

I am working for the US census bureau which is tedious and tiresome to say the least. I was told today that government workers don't ask for more work...they wait until they are told by their boss what to do and when to do it! And this, from a 20 year old who cannot organize paper on his desk. We were to have busy phones today with people calling in to register for testing at various sites we set up last week. I suggested that we could schedule people if only we had a list of all the test sites, dates and times. Novel. I am not a good candidate for government work.

And then, I am talking with someone in Tajikistan about working there for a couple of weeks in December. Hoping that all works out and was told that I will be interviewing for some work in Afghanistan some time this week. Hope so.

Alex went to Tally today to see if he could get his probation cancelled. The DA decided was early and not half way through his probation but he had his hopes up. He did very well travelling by car by himself both ways. Momma was worried but he did well.

Richard is hunting but it doesn't sound like he is killing as much as usual...going into deer hunting in another week so hope that goes well for him.

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