Sunday, October 25, 2009

Later in October

These folks are throwbacks to the 70's but are also known as Bob and Vicki our neighbors and hosts of the annual neighborhood Halloween party which was held last night. We had a ball and celebrated the evening with ribald conversation, drinking, eating and karaoke which was a laugh a minute.

Alex and I went to the party together...Richard is up north hunting ducks and geese. Alex went as Pancho and I was a very fat prisoner. Bought an XL prison costume and easily, Richard and I could have gotten in the costume together.

Barack Obama was at the party and this is important because I am the only "liberal" on our street. The rest are true blue Republicans!!

Nothing much else is going on here...every day is the same. I now know why Richard can and does read so many books. Am fighting boredom every day. My house is cleaner than it has been in ages and even hate that.

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