Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Too much of a good thing....

I was whining to a good friend who used to work with me at The Flint Journal about how horridly bored I am at home. Ed suggested I might want to go back to Africa, which I would love and then sent this to me. He is incredibly talented and, did I mention, somewhat warped in terms of his sense of humor. Loved this though.
Not much has been going on though I am putting my resume in for consulting work wherever in this world I am needed or wanted. And in the meantime, I am volunteering for Hope Hospice which is sad and yet, gratifying. Today, I took Chica, our chihuahua to pet therapy training and she can now accompany me when I go to visit people at assisted living facilities or in their homes.
The pet therapy instructor said I was more tense than Chica. I was concerned that one of the elderly people, who are not totally lucid might yank her or pull her and she might react badly. Chica was perfect and even let one older lady give her kisses...she kissed Josephine right back but I was concerned because she was pulled a bit by her collar toward the lady. Chica did fine...mommy was stressed but I am sure I will ease up.
Passed a remarkably boring 59th birthday. Didn't do anything much except read, cook and visit Hospice patients. Hoping for a work adventure soon.

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