Monday, October 5, 2009


Sorry, when I am home, I find there is nothing much to add. Looking for consulting jobs is taking up some time and then, trying to get Christmas gifts wrapped. Not much else going on. Had a garage sale last Saturday and will have another one next week....trying to weed out the house so IF we decide to sell, we can.

Just got the word that the new grandbaby will be baptized on December 27 so hope she gets here by then. Alex, the appointed godfather is quite excited. Cannot wait to get up north.

Last week, I went to Hope Hospice volunteer training and go for round two tomorrow. Figured that if I am going to be home, I may as well give back to the community.

Lots going on around the world...hearing quite a bit from friends in Honduras. Civil Liberties have been suspended, food shortages, media houses closed down and protests and violence in the street. Miss my friends there. Miss knowing what is really happening and wishing there was a way to make a difference in some way.


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