Sunday, September 20, 2009

Christmas is coming!!

I couldn't resist...took a picture of Richard in one of his favorite places...he likes to take quick naps on the sofa with the dogs...Chica is next to him and cover his head to drown out noises. I kid him all the time...if I need a nap, I go get in bed, go through the settling in routine and finally, if the Gods decide, go to sleep. God says, "not today," then there is no nap.
And then today, I was wrapping Christmas gifts to get ready to send north with Richard when he leaves for hunting in mid-October. I was wrapping a particularly annoying gift for one of my young grandson's, and our chihuahua, Paco was going wild sniffing it, making noises at it and trying to turn it over. Now, these "annoying" gifts usually make noise, but in this case, not only does it make noise, it is made out of animal parts and animal hair. After it was wrapped, we put it in the garage and then, Paco sniffed the table, floor, bag the item came in and wouldn't give up on the scent. I keep telling Richard this dog could be a hunting dog...but he thinks the ducks would be bigger than Paco so it couldn't work.

Oh, decided that Chase would get the annoying gift this year, because Kristin and Pat are expecting a baby at Christmas and that will be a different kind of annoying so they won't be needing for Owen to have an annoying gift. And they say I don't think about them!!
Had our friends, Betsy and Neil over for dinner the other night and made a sweet potato, pear and pork dish. The pork was horrid...the rest, including the eggplant mint soup was was the chocolate cake!! Miss cooking a lot, although as I was washing all of the filthy wine and water glasses hanging in the hutch in the dining room, I realized anew that I miss Juanita, our helper at our apartment in Tegucigalpa.

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