Sunday, September 6, 2009

Islas de Rosario

Read of many men in their speedo suits hanging out most of the day in the water. A serious party was enjoyed and several were a bit over the top by the time the boats headed back to the mainland.

Something very unusual was this group of folks...they weren't all from Brazil, but many were. And there were about 20 Colombians included but you cannot see them. What was unusual was, these folks stood in the crystal clear water, in about 90 degree heat for maybe six hours, chatting and drinking beer at a horrific rate. Gloria says this is very common down here....don't remember this happening anywhere I have been before. People get in, talk, laugh, swim or play and then get out...not this group!

Today, I went on a trip to the islands. Boat trip took about an hour and we stopped by a small fort and a lighthouse on the way. Loved it all...the boat was a 45 footer and we had very smooth water going and they gunned it coming back so lots of bouncing around. Pictures tell it all....

This is a fort at the mouth of the bay going in towards Cartagena. First line of defense in the old days. Much much smaller than the fort in Cartagena, but gorgeous. Used to serve as a prison as well.

One of the things we discussed today was how different Colombians are about their body image...amazing things folks wear here that no one would try in the U.S. unless, of course, they were maybe blind. Check this photo out....there were at least 30 men in speedo swimming suits and they were not German. Most should not have been wearing them, but all seemed very comfortable in their skin and so did their lady friends.
More coming!

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