Monday, February 15, 2010


Today is not going well and praying this is not the direction for the rest of the trip. My breakfast meeting was cancelled so have been at the Ft. Lauderdale airport for hours. Still have 1.5 hours to go til takeoff. And then, just got an email from the people in Rwanda re: a change in my dates which would put me there later in March and into April which I cannot do and still make the family and work commitments I have already made. And then, just to grouse some more...I waited in line for 80 minutes to check in...they had three women checking in about 250 people and another six employees checking in about 25 and these brilliant folks couldn't/wouldn't take any of the international travellers. So, there we stood, old women, babies who were crying, kids who wanted to go potty. Finally grabbed a Spirit manager and told him that the most dense person alive could adjust the super inefficient system...I got a standing O...oh, we were all standing but people clapped!!

The only good news is there is now free wifi here...don't remember that from prior trips but just may be my poor memory catching up with me.

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