Friday, February 12, 2010

Far Behind.....But Happily Far Behind!!

Photo of me at DeSoto Falls...see better photo below. Never will get the hang of how to get the text next to the right photo!! Sheryl was the photographer!!

After Christmas and after the trip to Alabama, Kristin, Pat and their three kids came down. Love this photo below of Owen and grandpa. We had a great time despite Addison's getting ill, followed by Alex's projectile vomiting and then, Paco got IT. Whatever IT was. Still, the kids were able to enjoy the frigid pool, see alligators, manatees, birds and turtles. A good time was had by all.

I took a trip with Sheryl, my sister, to Huntsville, Alabama to see my elderly Aunts and Uncle. We took a small side trip to DeSoto Falls which was gorgeous. Went on to meet cousins and the older set and had a great time with them all. Had to help put my Aunt in a nursing home but that is where she should be...and Sheryl and I were able to support our family as they made the hard decisions. The falls were somewhat frozen...and here, in Florida in February, we are experiencing some of the coldest weather ever. Since returning from Tajikistan, I have had nothing but cold in Michigan, Alabama and Florida. Nothing though like what is hitting the northeast...DC now has feet of snow which is unusual indeed.
In my spare time, I am visiting Hospice patients both in nursing homes with Chica and I have two home patients I with Chica, our chihuahua and the other alone. I have been surprised how upsetting it is to go visit x person only to find that he/she has died since my last visit. Chica can run into a nursing home, hit the second floor and she knows exactly what room/bed/patient we will see. She literally sat and cried the other day at the foot of a bed where our patient used to be found. Must be smell. And of course, it is rather humbling to visit patients with dementia who could care less that I am there....really, the highlight of their day is to see, snuggle and receive kisses from Chica. Those smiles are indelible and unforgettable.

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