Thursday, February 18, 2010


Tonight, I was listening to a pair sing accompanied by a rather rotund man on the keyboard and I realized that there were a large number of couples sitting in the open air lounge and that all seemed/appeared to be happily sitting together. I began watching them and noted that hands were being held, backs being touched, smiles being exchanged and this was amongst young and old couples. Am thinking on American couples and then, my coupling and wondering where it all went wrong that we are not physically and mentally in tune? I watched an older couple of about 70 and while the man couldn't hear anything, the woman kept trying with a huge smile on her face. Lessons to be learned.

And then, I was watching the women here. Even the heftier woman appears to be comfortable in her own skin and not at all ashamed of her weight or that her shirt, which is two sizes too small and gaping everywhere, may be inappropriate. I mean, really, do we need to see each other's fat? What I am enjoying is the comfort and the lack of caring about what others think. These women are dressed to please themselves and their men...forget everyone else.

The pair singing tonight are not a pair or a couple. Yet, they sang to each other and acted as if there was no one else in the world for him/her. I want that...badly.

An interesting and full day...Q'hubo folks here from Barranquilla, Medellin, Cali and Bogota to meet with us and figure out sales approaches. I spent little time with them because I was involved in Human Resources and then, spent a couple of hours trying to overcome resistance to placing paid obituaries in the paper. A fascinating cultural conversation ensued...I think I overcame all issues but we shall see.

For lunch and dinner both, I ate "camarones". Shrimp Thai style and then with Robalo, a mild white fish that is just wonderful. Dying to have time to walk the beach...guess that will happen this weekend. Claudia, a friend in Bogota has asked me to fly over this weekend which I would love to do, but won't. Next visit, I will plan three days there.

I am thinking I need to take Addison to Puerto Rico this summer....feeling a need for my grandkids to appreciate this culture. Hoping.

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