Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cartagena at its finest....loving Saturday

This dog approached my beach chair, sniffing at my purse to see if I had anything for him to eat. Dogs run around feral, looking for whatever they can to eat or drink but generally, they stay away from strangers. As I read, this guy came closer, sniffing and then snuggled against my leg, settled down right at my feet and began to cry gently. He let me pet him and a man nearby brought over a hunk of bread and this dog was literally smiling at the offering. Need to pack something in my purse from now on. Felt terribly sad but was happy he came close. Miss Paco and Chica.

Sunset photo taken near Las Americas on the beach. The color storm was extra gorgeous tonight. Stiff winds blowing the sand around as the people left the beach after a long hot day. Worked half the day at the newspaper and then walked the beach, sunned a bit, read and then took a long walk down the road toward town which upset the guard as I left. I told him I would be careful and he was happy to see me return. I am reading Ingrid Betancourt's book right now about her work in the Congress and her being sequestered for six years. Gutsy woman.

Cartagenan women are so comfy with their bodies as I have mentioned before. Love this lady in her thong...and so did most men who walked by her. Her husband didn't appear to mind at all.

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