Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today was a day of tastes of food quite different than I have tried before. I had mongo mongo for dessert...totally sweet and very very rich and made of six or seven fruits, including papaya which is the base, mango and more. And for the lunch, I had "mote con queso y berenjena" which is a soup, very garlicky with cheese cut up and with eggplant. Thick and delicious...ate only half of the portion. And then, for dinner, I had a salmon dish, with maracuya and tamarindo sauce....again, a flavor I had not had before. Taste sensations all day.

Tomorrow is Gloria's 29th birthday. She is the director of marketing that I am working so closely with here. I ordered a cake for her and we will celebrate before our 2:00 planning meeting.

The boat I posted the other day, where the young kid was bailing water was out in the bay today with about 20 teenagers in it. When it came back, and the kids started bailing, I asked about safety. They laughed and said when the water gets half way to the top of the boat, they come back....not to worry. I took a picture but it didn't come out.

Am now spending time working on my Rwanda presentations....and having fun learning and doing something new. I considered buying a necklace is a white gold rosary which fits around one's neck with the cross falling in one's cleavage...kinda sacriligious but love it. The cost? Only $500 dollars!! The woman sent it home with me to enjoy, think on, and look at. Told her I had to talk to my husband but cannot buy something that expensive that I won't wear at home...I like gold..they call it yellow gold. Beautiful but non-essential.


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