Friday, February 26, 2010

More of the good life....

Another shot of Gloria's birthday celebration. The woman in the low cut dress behind Gloria is Claudia, the Advertising Director.

Walked the beach, as usual tonight and my doggie followed me. I gave him the leftover steak from my lunch yesterday and he was grinning though I am not sure he liked the chimichurri on the steak! He was glued to my side through the whole walk.

And tonight, I saw something I, thankfully, have never experienced or seen before. A man was literally hitting and kicking a woman and wrenching her arm backwards and up to her neck. She was screaming and crying and he took her to the ground and kicked her. As I looked and walked, I was trying quickly to think what I could do. NO phone with me, no camera, no money...nothing. I kept walking as I saw a security guard run towards the couple in bathing suits. The man decked the guard and shortly, the police came on motorcycles. They clearly were trying to get the bikini dressed woman to go with them on the motorcycle. They talked and screamed at the man and eventually, all left. The couple walked off with the man screaming and waving his arms at the woman. An elderly woman near me talked with me about the increase in violence amongst couples here in this country. Thankfully, this type of violence has not touched me...and praying it does not touch those I love. Very disconcerting. I sat down, talked with the old lady and pet my doggy friend and eventually smiled at the gorgeous sunset.

Another day and many more experiences under my belt. I have been asked to stay on another two days. We shall see if I can change my tickets. Missing home. Missing my men. Missing my bed.

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