Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cartagena...el dia dos

I am ill which is making me a bit cranky. Cannot remember when last I had a cold and a runny nose. I feel contagious...everyone is looking at me as I blow the nose and honk my way through the day. I, however, did much better than the HR Director who fell asleep three times during our 3 o'clock meeting. Our controller, who is much nicer than most controllers, dropped a pile of papers on the floor to get the HR guy's attention. After the meeting, everyone was laughing not at him, but at me because I have only 3/4s of my normal energy which is more than 1/2 that of the rest of the group. I enjoy laughing with these folks a lot.

Right now, I am waiting for a guy to come show me another room. This room, as always, gorgeous. Unfortunately, it fronts onto the hotel drive where the Chiva bus (loud screaming hooting music) parks, and is the first room next to the band. There is a new group every evening and while I enjoy the music and enjoy watching the munchkins in the pool...I need my sleep.

Back...the room is perfect. So, have to repack everything and be ready to go in the room and to the office by 7:30. NO sweat.

Had a couple of grammar issues...used ascender instead of subir and Gerardo, the owner, indicated that the HR guy, who I wanted to "ascender" could not...only God and the angels can do that. I should have him come up, or subir. Brain is tired but loving trying to communicate clearly and give ideas and direction in a way that people will hear and use the info. As I am sure I have told you all..."la perra esta aqui" meaning the bitch is here. German, the news editor has a song he wrote and sings, "Teresa vuelve" and everyone laughs at it. Meaning folks are pressed to get it done in a way they don't normally.

For Alex, I am having an arepa for breakfast tomorrow. This morning, I had coffee and fruits. The hotel left a huge basket of fruit and I think I am taking it into the office tomorrow. NO way I can eat it all.

Shortly off to dinner. Went to the supermarket for kleenex, wine, water and Claritin D. Quite a mix of items, no??

Missing you all.

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