Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hard work...lots of fun

Usually, we work 1/2 days on Saturdays but yesterday was a full day, working with advertising designers and then on the 2010 marketing plan. But, Pedro Luis, the Executive Editor and I went to lunch near a marina. As usual...I ate new and different foods. Pedro Luis ordered icaco for me which is a fruit but cooked in a sugar syrup. The fruit is round, twice or more the size of a cherry but with a huge pit inside. Delicious...that was dessert. And then, he ordered me a fruit juice instead of the usual boring water which I insist upon drinking. This juice was made of the tropical fruit, corozo. Apparently, people make their roofs out of this palm like plant and the fruit is made into juice...cannot explain the flavor. Good but not good enough to order it again.

And, as a gift, Claudia, the Ad Director, gave me several bags of Rosquita, which are melt in your mouth rounds of lightness that melt in your mouth and are made out of a corn flour but not maiz. No clue but delicious. I have several packs to bring home for the men folk to try, along with the usual Santander chocolates and coffee.

Today, Sunday, I have already walked the beach, eaten breakfast and am now off to walk more of the old city. Michelle, who is introducing me to a friend of hers who wants to come here to visit, sent along with the intro email a bunch of photos she took when she came here to visit me in 2006. I have forgotten to revisit the plaza where she took so many photos near the that is my plan for today. Afterwards, I need to work on the Somalia and Rwanda work I am contracted to do.

Cannot wait to get home!!

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