Friday, February 26, 2010

Cartagena ...more

The woman in pink, Gloria, celebrated her 29th birthday with a cake and we all sang happy birthday to her. David, the controller, is patting her on the back and Johanna, the woman clapping in front is the assistant publisher, of sorts. She is very involved in everything and both young women are delightful to work with. I bought the cakes based on what the secretary said we needed/should buy. There were two and one was a vanilla fudge ice cream cake with arequipe and huge. Gloria ended up taking the second cake home. The ice cream cake is the one to the far right.
Las Botas, a statue of a working man's boots were recently relocated near the newspaper downtown which, as you can see is near the old fortress located at one point of the city.

These are huge boots and the character the artist lent to these beat up boots is impresionante.
Because of the birthday party yesterday, I ate in the office working on projects which upset just about everyone. People do not eat and work at the same time. But, I had a huge feast brought in and I had some left over beef so asked for a plastic bag to wrap it in so I could take it to my buddy, who walks the beach with me every evening.

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