Friday, December 3, 2010


I am waiting for photos to upload and have just found out that PC call is also blocked here...all voice over programs are not allowed in Yemen. Photos are not loading...and am getting some message in Arabic. Betting I can't do this either.

While I was out walking, I saw a young man push another guy and whip out his knife and wave it menacingly at the other. I am told that the wearing of this is mostly traditional and used mostly when wearing the traditional garb and not used as a weapon. If someone is inclined to use a weapon, they will have a gun and that is more in the north of Yemen.

I passed an elderly man lying on a bench, with one shoe on and one not in sight. His shoeless foot had a huge open sore oozing pus. He clearly needs some medical help and I need to ask about access to that here. Getting differing stories on literacy rates and will find that out tomorrow when I am working with the newspapers.

Couldn't get signed into my blog this morning because it was showing up in Arabic...figured out that where things usually are on the right are now located on the left. They read right to left and so translations appear backwards with numbers on the left and moving over to the ends of the sentences on the right.

Going to try to upload photos first thing in the morning and see if this is just an issue with bandwidth and usage at this time of night. Betting this is also blocked.

Took a shower this morning and almost fell out of the bathtub. There is no flat bottom to the tub; it is totally curved and very narrow at the bottom. MY bottom wouldn't fit down there so had to stand on the sides of my feet to balance. Very unusual.

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