Friday, December 3, 2010

Yemen Photo/s

This is a typical building style here in Sana'a. Very ornate and really quite gorgeous and even the newer buildings have this design on them. You can see the newer building to the left with less of the design but in the style of the older part of the building.
The man in the street is wearing a Maktop, male skirt of some type and the long white dress type outfit is called a Thop. These are spelled her phonetically...not correctly. Notice poking out of his waste area a rod (and no nasties), that is part of his traditional dagger.

Notice how clean the streets are and this is dry season. I have a great photo of this huge mountain of dirt...nothing growing on it at all and these mountains surround Sana'a so I can only imagine when the wind blows, the dirt flies.

Read down into earlier postings from today and yesterdays. I didn't realize that each upload would take as much as 20 minutes per. Going to be a labor of love. I LOVE you all. Bedtime and will try to upload more photos tomorrow.

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