Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Odds and ends...yup, more of them!

Now, in Latin America one takes a moto-taxi or a tuk tuk. This is a camel tuk tuk but only built to accomodate one person at a time. I was walking alone so quite afraid to hop on this guy and not be able to communicate with the sales person (see him lying against his buddy, the camel?) and find my way back OK. But, I plan to try this before I leave here.
Saw this building while out walking with Hani today. I ran a bit over my alloted time today and Hani had about an hour with the trainees before lunch. They decided they would eat and leave and not have more training afterwards. Never have I seen such an attitude. Hani is much nicer than I. I would have pitched a fit and they would have had their training.

I may have mentioned that my room is cleaned very well every day by some men. Something wrong with underwear are washed out by me and hung to dry and they see that and even rearrange how I had them draped to dry! And, apparently one doesn't place sets of shoes side by side. What is preferred is to stack them one pair on top of the other. Must be a space issue at home?
Finally felt a need for chocolate last night and went on a search for my peppermint bark which I brought along. Couldn't locate it and was very concerned someone had eaten it...yes, paranoia. Found it and had a bite while listening to Christmas music. Soothing.
I had to get someone up to show me how to get the TV to function. The remote "power" button is only for turning the TV off. The TV sleeps and all you do is punch in the channel you want and it pops on. Whoduthunk that?
There are many beggars on the street but the saddest sight today was a stump of a man nestled in a wheelbarrow all alone in an alley way. Many people come out and sleep in the warm sunshine and I assume they keep moving at night to keep warm.

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