Monday, December 13, 2010

More ladies' day stories:

I mentioned we went to the Old Sana'a Heritage house and this is a cool room. They kept their water and anything needing to be cool on the side of the building that the sun did not touch. Air blew through the small holes chilling juice or water.

And then, we went to lunch on Ladies' Day out at a local restaurant, Al Shabani, which has several branch restaurants around the area and whose food was outstanding. It was a typical, eat with your hands type restaurant but they did bring us some utensils because I was with them. We often get different service because it is so obvious that I am a foreigner. Note the fish head on the table. He was huge and grilled and his head came attached. How we eat here is a bit different in that any bones, seeds, heads, or anything you don't want, get thrown aside on the table. Here we were given a plastic, "table cloth" to cover the wooden table below...the Yemenis near us did not get this special service. They just spit the seeds out of their olives, dumped the bones on the table or on the placemat and everything is then cleaned up and cleared off. We are not concerned with neatness here...only with the eating and enjoyment of good food in good company. There is a lot to be said for that!
Hoping to ride a camel today...if so, photos later.

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