Saturday, December 11, 2010

The unusual becomes normal...

There are tons of ferral cats here but, the other day, on the way to the Rock Palace, we encountered this group of cats rummaging for food. Someone had gutted something and put the entrails out so these scrawny cats could eat. Like in many countries, there isn't enough food for families to eat, so pets aren't widespread. I might add that Qat gets bought before food for many families!

The mundane for the average
Yemeni, I am finding so special here. The other day, Hani and I went to the souk, the local market place, because Hani wanted to buy some jewelry for his wife. Outside of the shop, nearby, were a group of men conversing. All of a sudden, more men joined and each brought a pot or bowl of food. The men quickly squatted down to share their lunch. I watched lunch materialize in about two minutes and was looking to see what was being served/eaten. The men waived me out and invited me, via gestures, to join them. Now, look at this group...not a woman in sight. Yet, they cheerfully encouraged me to join them. When I declined, one of the men broke off a huge piece of bread and dipped it in some spread and gave it to me to try.

More later...I have all the photos to share from yesterday but loading photos is taking about 30 minutes per picture. Arghhhh....

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