Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last minute thoughts

I loaded this photo a day or so ago and remembered that I didn't say anything about WHY I uploaded it. Each day, while eating with our group, I would be disgusted with the hugely filled plates of food, half of which was left uneaten. Most disgusting though was how the table was left. This is a typical table after lunch. Folks just dump their bones, their trash, their left over food items on the tablecloth. They eat and spit seeds, bones out of their mouth on to the table. NO sense of keeping things neat and on days when there are tomatoes or curry, the table cloths are stained badly. Arghhh...

I am home and baking, cooking, wrapping and enjoying my husband and doggies. Never going to be gone again in December. I have missed the holiday season, the music, the Christmas candles and smell of all things Christmas like. NOT enjoying the freezing weather and the snow. Dogs can pee in 15 seconds and be back in the house.

Alex gets in tomorrow morning and looking forward to seeing him and catching up. Weird to have NO kids at home anymore. Nice, but sad.

Realized that I still have some Christmas gifts in my suitcase which I haven't unpacked yet because the clothing goes back to Florida. Have almost everything under control. Love this time of year despite the crappy weather.

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