Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Last days, last comments...for today

Our last training day was interesting. I taught, but we had quite the celebration with several dignataries coming to speak in support of anti-corruption and in support of strengthened media. And I was invited to speak to the group, which I did, but with a bit more emotion that I would have liked. Hani was not asked to speak which I thought a bit rude. Here is our esteemed group.

This photo is of our last lunch and you will see how the women seated themselves at the back of the room so Samira could remove her veil while eating. I generally started eating with the men and then, would end up at the ladies' table.

These guys can and did pile their plates full and often would fill up two or three plates at a time and just demolish them.
Nabiha is one of the ladies who spent the day with me and here, she is presenting both Hani and me with a bouquet of flowers from the group in thanks for our training.

While training, I always give examples and often, they are examples of husbands and wives, employees and their bosses etc. I want to introduce you to my two "husbands" who were tapped to humorously make some male/female/cultural points from time to time. To the left is Essa and to the right, Hamdi. Essa presented me with the flower arrangement and a couple of the men came to tell me that though I am "old" as I often say, they thought I might make a good wife. I assured them they should speak to my REAL husband.
Sitting in the Istanbul airport writing. Long flight to NYC. Security was very heavy for the folks getting off the flight from Yemen. I was asked for my itinerary. Another photo ID other than my passport, my business card, proof that I stayed in the Sheba Hotel and proof of who paid the bill while in Sana'a. And I got off easy. The Yemeni men were really getting a grilling. Guess this is good, but really, my business card? And then, this young 25 year old woman wanted to know why I have my own business and who pays my bills. Unusual.

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