Friday, December 3, 2010

Remembering Iraq

Ah, dirt mountain finally uploaded. This is the scene surrounding Sana'a. Huge mountains of dirt with nothing visible. Looks like a lookout at the top left or maybe a fort...have to ask.

I woke up at 4:30 this morning wondering why I hadn't heard the call to prayer...started at 4:45! Rather annoying to have this chanting going on before one is properly awake but I remember by the end of my visit in Iraq that I looked forward to hearing it...something soothing about knowing your day is starting off with a prayer.
Saw this billboard out while walking yesterday and really want to know what it is saying! New plan...try to upload photos while I am taking a shower so I am not wasting time.

The Sheba Hotel, where I am staying is quite lovely. The foyer is opulant and guarded with young men with their automatic weapons scanning constantly. They also have those devices you see at some car rental places with the spikes sticking up so you cannot back out. Well, these spikes are about 7 inches long and movable. The guards move the spike row by hand right after they check the car inside and out for explosives. I am told their explosive gun to check is useless but they still go through the process...who knows. Looks may prevent something dire occuring?

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